Boateng on Cristiano: He has no weaknesses

Jérome Boateng, German defender of Bayern Munich, praised the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, who reached the semifinals of the Champions League after scoring in eleven consecutive games of competition, and said that "is an athlete who has no weaknesses." "Cristiano is a world-class player, his goalscoring figures show that it's difficult to defend him, I've played against him in Real Madrid and with Portugal which is different, because in his club he has better players than in his national team. because that's how I can improve, "he said at a press conference.

"He is an athlete who has no weaknesses, he marks with his left leg, his right leg, his head, he coordinates the ball very well, but the danger is not only him, it is the whole Real Madrid team and how they have played together for years, with the automatisms taken and very dangerous on counterattack, it is what makes them be at the top for years but we have conditions to be able to win them, "he added. The rumors about the interest of Real Madrid in the Polish striker Robert Lewandowski does not believe Boateng that will condition the performance of his teammate, who has the dream of winning the Champions League with Bayern.Take a look at the premium bet freak soccer tips.

"I do not think it influences the game, he is going to concentrate on reaching the final and that is why we are motivated, we know it is very difficult but we want to achieve it and for that we have to win tomorrow," he said. Boateng pointed out as key in the tie that Bayern manage to defeat Real Madrid in the Allianz Arena. "We want to start by winning an important game at home where we want to play well, it will be difficult to impose our game, we know that Real Madrid won us twice in the Champions League twice but we have a team to win them," he said. The German defender has recovered the best of his levels overcome injury problems that led him to want to leave when the Italian Carlo Ancelotti directed Bayern. "Heynckes values me and has helped me a lot since I was at Bayern, I feel very well and I have the best form right at the decisive moment when I can help the team achieve the goals," he said.

"I had a difficult time that had nothing to do with Ancelotti, I had serious muscular injuries, especially in the back and it was difficult to get back into rhythm and be where I am now, Heynckes has given me a lot of confidence, has a very good sensitivity with the players and I am very grateful to him, "he added. For Boateng Real Madrid is "very strong in attack" and "defends very well", which causes it to be "one of the most difficult teams to beat in two games" but sees Bayern "in good shape" and trained to get to the end of Kiev.

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